poly A mRNA in bacteria?

Robert Butcher r.d.j.butcher at dundee.ac.uk
Thu Jun 10 16:41:48 EST 1999

> Why would you like to generate cDNA? Most bacteria do not have introns in
> their genes, so the way to clone a gene is to start with the genomic DNA
> instead of going through the mRNA -> cDNA steps.

Well im not the person who asked.....but:-
  I see your point and agree with it in the main BUT, however one 
good reason is that you might want to clone what genes are actually 
being expressed at any given condition / time/ strain etc (mRNA to 
cDNA approach, with the usual assumptions), rather than what total 
mass of genes could be expressed in theory  (i.e. genomic). For 
example, the basis of a subtraction library etc.
 Just a thought, but im no microbiologist etc
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