Stable mRNA's?

Alexander Brands alexander.brands at
Mon Jun 7 11:08:21 EST 1999

> Hi!
> I'm doing expression studies and need to check the stability of my
> reference mRNA's when cells are subjected to treatment. Does anyone know
> any mRNA's that's known to be stably transcribed under different
> influences to the cells?
> (like G3PDH, beta-actin or other usual kontrols)
> Jorgen

Hi Jorgen,

I am afraid I do not know where the "crossed o" is hiding on my key board...

You could try Elongationfactor 1a.
In situ assessment of mRna accessibility in .....Gruber and Levine.
Histochem Cell Biol 1997. The article is about a in situ hybridization
problem, but should content interesting information for your application as

Another method woul be Triplex-PCR...a lot of work to establish, but elegant
and powerful when it works (it does in our lab..). Check for GAPDH and
b-Actin simultaneously.


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