ssDNA and dsDNA after asymetric PCR

Alexander Brands alexander.brands at
Wed Jun 9 06:07:25 EST 1999

Hi Juamber,

your ds fragment migrates faster, probably interacting less with the gel
matrix. Simply check it out by hybridizing an aliqout of your different
asymmetric products. The single strand bands should dissapear or getting

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juamber at wrote:

> Hi all,
> after performing an asymetric PCR with specific primers for a certain
> sequence I assume we end with the amplified fragment in the two forms of
> ssDNA and dsDNA and that both are detectable on a gel(always depending
> on the ratio between the two primers)?, which is which? Does ssDNA
> migrate further than dsDNA?
> Thanks,
> Juamber.
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