Vista Green

Geoff gbirrell at
Sun Jun 13 00:16:28 EST 1999

Vistra Green is much more sensitive than EthBr. I dont see unexpected
bands with Vistra Green. Do titrations of lambda HindIII or another
marker and compare the sensitivity with EthBr on another gel.

Dr. Kris Partridge wrote:

> Hello all!
> I have a question regarding Vista Green as a dye for agarose gels.  We
> are finding differences between that and ethidium bromide.  For
> instance, very low molecular weight stuff (read 'junk') stains very
> brightly with Vista Green, but hardly visible with ethidium bromide.
> Anyone have experience of this?
> I did try to see if this had been discussed before, but the archive
> only gave me references to Project 'Green' Gene in 'Vista', CA!
> Thanks,
> Kris Partridge
> Research Fellow,
> University of Southampton
> kap2 at

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