Recommendations for cheaper "stratacooler" benchtop coolers?

tfitzwater at NEXSTAR.COM tfitzwater at NEXSTAR.COM
Mon Jun 14 16:46:58 EST 1999

I made my own from Nalgene 5100-0001 containers.  Remove the white rack insert
and fill to the line
with polyethylene glycol.  Replace the white insert and prechill.  The rack hold
 18 tubes.  List price from VWR (55710-200)
is $50.50.

Tim Fitzwater
NeXstar Pharmaceuticals

>Hi all,

>What benchtop coolers can people recommend?

>I mean ones similar to Stratagene's Stratacooler range. For what
>they are these seem a little expensive!

>For my own personal use, I made one from a freezer pack and
>a polysterene "eppendorf" box. This works pretty well,
>although I'd hate to keep enzymes in it longer than
>15 mins outside of the freezer:-)

>However for communal use in the lab, I'd like a good
>source of some 20/30 tube racks, capable of keeping at at least
>-20degC for 1 hour outside of the freezer!

>Any reccomedations?


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