Regular power supply for electroporation?

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Mon Jun 14 16:56:31 EST 1999

Prior to commercially-available electroporators, we taped pencils to the male
plugs of gel box electrodes as handles.
The other ends of the electrodes are plugged into a power supply.  Cut aluminum
foil into strips narrow enough to fit into cuvettes and fold out the excess (the
 cuvette and aluminum
foil wings make a "T"-shape.  Add the cells and DNA.  Be very careful:  Keep the
 two electrodes male plugs far apart.  Charge up a 2000 volt power supply and
turn it back off.  The capacitor holds
a charge for about 15 minutes.  Carefully touch the electrodes (by holding the
pencils) to the foil.  The aluminum foil is pitted by the charge, but the cells
are electroporated.
Do not recall transformation efficiencies obtained.

Tim Fitzwater
NeXstar Pharmaceuticals

>Hi folks,

>I'm looking for a gadget which plugs into a regular
>electrophoresis power supply, holds a charge when
>unplugged, and then fits a cuvette for electroporation.

>Has anyone heard of this thing? Any information will be

>Stacy Ciufo
>University of Massachusetts
>ciufo at

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