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>I am in need of a dam- E.coli for cloning purposes.  I brought the isolates
>GM33 and GM48 from my post doc lab and have forgotten the genotype ID on
>these strains. I think one is dam- and one is dam- dcm-, but I don't
>remember which is which. Does anyone know about these E.coli isolates?

Most dam(-), and dcm(-) strains were constructed by Martin
Marinus and his group.  He can be contacted via email as:
"martin.marinus at ummed.edu"

Here are the genotypes of GM33 and GM48
Strain: GM33
Genotype: F- LAM- IN(rrnD-rrnE)1 dam-3 sup-85(Am) 
Reference: Marinus MG Morris NR 1973 JBacteriol 114, 1143-1150 

Strain: GM48 
Genotype: F- LAM- dam-3 dcm-6 thr-1 leuB6 ara-14 tonA31 lacY1 
          tsx-78 glnV44(Am)  galK2(Oc) galT22 thi-1 
Reference: Marinus MG 1973 Molec Gen Genet 127, 47-55 

>Also, does anyone know which company these come from?

You can obtain them from Dr. Marinus, the E. coli CGSC at Yale
(http://cgsc.biology.yale.edu), and the ATCC (http://www.atcc.org)

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