prtoteinase digestion

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Tue Jun 15 11:40:25 EST 1999

	Dear Bernarºd:

	Trypsin is a calcium-dependent protease, you can stop the reaction
by adding EDTA 10 mM (final concentration) or some inhibitors (STI). You can
also use PMSF.

	In general the ratio protein:trypsin is ranging from 100:1 to 20:1
(w/w). The incubation time depens on the conditions, for example at 4 hours
at 37 ºC, 12-24 hs. at 25 ºC.

	Hope this helps,

	Alejandro Krimer 

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> (inderpal singh) wrote:
> >       Does anyone know how to digest proteinase with trypsin and how  to
> > terminate the reaction! If so,please write in detail, how much conc.  of
> > protein and trypsin etc should be taken and for how long the reaction
> should 
> > be performed.
> What protocols have you tried so far?  How did they work?
> What literature references are you following?
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