Cell doubling times

Joe Chandler mbiotec at maine.rr.com
Wed Jun 16 07:16:40 EST 1999

You might want to go to the ATCC website and see if you can find in their
catalogues the cell lines that interests you.  Often it is stated in the
description what the doubling time is for that cell.

Ian Mc <i.mcfarlane at icrf.icnet.uk> wrote in article
<i.mcfarlane-1506991810150001 at mac017058.guys.icnet.uk>...
> Hi does anyone know of a webiste or other source of cell doubling times
> for different tissue culture cell lines? Also does anyone know of a
> similar site for average times taken to go through different portions of
> the cell cycle?
> Thanks in advance,
> Ian Mc

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