Glycerol PAGE "toughening"

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> Years ago, I heard incidentally that adding glycerol to SDS-PAGE mix will
> result in a gel that is physically more durable.  I cannot remember the details,
> however.
> Can anyone tell me whether this is true?  What concentration of glycerol
> is necessary?  What effect will this have on the running/blotting properties
> of the gel?

Hi Daniel.

I can't address the question of truth, but the lab I post-doc'd in
routinely used 5% glycerol in the separating gel and it certainly didn't
hurt.  I've continued this "tradition" in my work for the last 7 years
for consistency if nothing else.  As I recall in a side by side
comparison my first few weeks in the new lab I noticed slightly tighter
bands in coomassie stained gels containing the glycerol.  I'll avoid the
obvious jokes and simply say that I don't recall them being "tougher".


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