Frank O. Fackelmayer Frank.Fackelmayer at uni-konstanz.de
Thu Jun 17 01:14:20 EST 1999

Hi Ed,
It depends on the cell type to be transfected. Different lines have
different sensitivity to G418. It is best to establish a kill curve for your
particular cell line, i.e. try different concentrations on nontransfected
cells and look at the number of surviving cells after one week. Then, take
the lowest amount of G418 that kill all your cells within one week.
A good starting point is usually between 400 and 800ug/ml of medium.
In case you don´t want to wait for the kill curve experiment, just do your
transfection, wait for a day, then add G418 to 800ug/ml. In most cases, this
will work well. It is well possible that you waste a lot of G418 (which is
quite expensive...) that way because a much lower dose would do.

Hope this helps,

Edward Dunphy wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone knew the usual concentration of G418 to use for
> selection of stable transfected tumor cell lines.
> Please reply by email.
> Thanks,
> Ed
> --
> Ed Dunphy
> UW-Madison

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