DNA quantification

Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com Bill_A_Nussbaumer at ms.bd.com
Thu Jun 17 14:55:02 EST 1999

Bill A Nussbaumer at BDX
06/17/99 03:48 PM

You can use oligreen, picogreen and ribogreen to quantify ssDNA, dsDNA, and RNA.
You can get them in the form of a kit complete with nucleic acid standards.
You'll find them from Molecular Probes at http://www.probes.com.  They are
fluorescent dyes when bound to polynucleic acids.  Just do a search on their
website and you'll be able to view the package insert (i.e. procedure) using
adobe acrobat.  No affiliation, I just use the stuff .... (so the net police
don't jump on my back.)


I would like to know if anybody has a method of determining [DNA] other
than using a UV-vis spectrophotometer.  Our departmental spec seems to
provided extremely inconsistent concentrations when I spec plasmid DNA
that is at a concentration less than 1ug/ml.

Kevin Urbanic

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