request: mouse mAB against mouse tissue??

Scott Craig s.craig at
Thu Jun 17 19:14:41 EST 1999

Dear Frank,
You could try labelling your primary mouse antibody with biotin and then using
a avidin/streptavidin conjugate as the secondary. This shouldn't have any cross
reactivity with other mouse antibodies present.

Frank Dehner wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> how can I detect an antigen in mouse nervous tissue with a primary antibody
> raised in mouse (against rat protein)?
> I have ascites and supernant from cell culture and no idea about the Ig
> class of this AB.
> How can one avoid unspecific binding of the secondary antibody (which must
> be ....anti mouse) to the tissue?
> Any ideas about double labelling with a second mAB?
> Thanx a lot.
> Frank
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