flag or hA-tag?

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Fri Jun 18 00:16:21 EST 1999

In <376925D4.1BBAE36A at cajal.mbb.ki.se> jonas at CAJAL.MBB.KI.SE (Jonas)
>Hello everybody,
>I´m planning to do a fusion of a 55 aa peptide with a carboxylterminal
>tag in E. coli  in order to IP it. Would you recommend to use the
>flag-tag or the hemagglutinin-tag for that purpose? Is there a general
>role, which tag works better as a C-terminal fusion made in E. coli?
Our company sells both anti-HA antibodies and the FLAG antibodies.  My
sense from our cutomers is that the HA antibody is more generally
useful and a better precipitator than the FLAG antibodies.  People do
have successes with either one, of course, but if I were "starting from
scratch", I'd use the HA tag.

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