[Q] 18% SDS-PAGE

Andreas Weber andr.weber at uni-koeln.de
Fri Jun 18 02:19:36 EST 1999

Namjin Chung wrote:
> I'm trying to work on 18% tris-glycine SDS-PAGE for 7-9kDa proteins.
> Somehow, when I run the gel, dye smears broadly behind buffer front.
> Also, western blot shows smeared bands.  Why does this happens?
> Namjin Chung
> Department of Pharmacology & Cancer Biology
> Department of Genetics
> Howard Hughes Medical Institute
> Duke University Medical Center

So why don't you try tris/tricine-gels according to Schaegger and Jagow
(1987), Anal Biochem 166:368-379.
This system works perfectely for separation of proteins with an apparent
mw in the range of 100 - 2 kDa.


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