Cloning nomenclature

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>to you to choose a descriptive, unambigous name.

The problem arises after the first couple hundred plasmids, when all the
simple, descriptive names are gone.  At that point the numerical method
starts looking pretty attractive, and the sense of smug superiority you
felt when you named your first plasmid with a simple, unambiguous name
evaporates.  When you make twenty-odd deletion and truncation mutants each
of four simliar but not identical genes and you start getting names like
"pMMCGd215-425ATG/CCGpCMV" ("My Cool Gene, mouse origin, deleted from 215
to 425, mutated ATG to CCG and inserted with CMV promoter") then names
like "pIY415"  ("plasmid 415; made by Ian York") become very attractive.
They fit on the eppendorf, for one thing.

Not that this has happened to me.

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