Regular power supply for electroporation?

Dima Klenchin klenchin at
Fri Jun 18 10:07:18 EST 1999

In article <376451F4.2781 at>, "ciufo at" <ciufo at> wrote:
:Hi folks,
:I'm looking for a gadget which plugs into a regular 
:electrophoresis power supply, holds a charge when
:unplugged, and then fits a cuvette for electroporation.
:Has anyone heard of this thing? Any information will be 

Invitrogene sells exactly this. The price is still shocking, considering
it is only a box with arrays of capacitors and resistances. Still,
about 2X cheaper than "regular" electroporators. Susprisingly, 
it works very well for all regular electoporation protocols for pro- 
and eukariots. For E.coli you will need 0.1 cm cuvettes as 
maximum voltage is 1.8 kV.  

        - Dima

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