iCycler from Bio-Rad

Dr. Dietrich Mäde d.maede at knuut.de
Fri Jun 18 15:42:20 EST 1999

Hallo out there,

I am looking for someone who have firstr expieriencies with the iCycler
from BioRad. Especially I want to know if we can use TagMan probes and
sybr-Green melting curve analysis. Is it possible to monitor
quantitative PCR realtime during cycling? I mean, can I see what happend
during the 30th cycle when I have programmed 35 cycles?

What are the advantages and disadvantages compared with the Roch Light
Cycler and the PE Biosystems 5700 and 7700?


I hope that there will be no Mercesdes effect. Every user of a Mercedes
Benz tells that this car is the best because it was so expensive.



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