DNA quantification

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It may work for these ladders...but you have to get an idea of how these ladders
were contructed so that you could be definite in the quantity of DNA in a given

In a lot of these ladders, they do not actually know the distribution of mass in
each band, only the total mass, so that you can't estimate it. It's different if you
were to use HindIII cut lambda or HaeIII cut PhiX174 where the mass distribution
would be known.



Kevin Urbanic wrote:

> I would like to know if anybody has a method of determining [DNA] other
> than using a UV-vis spectrophotometer.  Our departmental spec seems to
> provided extremely inconsistent concentrations when I spec plasmid DNA
> that is at a concentration less than 1ug/ml.  Specifcally, I was
> wondering if anybody has calculated the concentration of each band in a
> 1kb DNA ladder?  I thought that could be a useful tool for "eyeing" the
> DNA concentration.

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