Recommendations for cheaper "stratacooler" benchtop coolers?

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Mon Jun 21 04:24:04 EST 1999

On Mon, 21 Jun 1999, Richard P. Grant wrote:

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> >:>Every lab has heating aluminum block sitting somewhere unused.
> >:>Place it at -20C and that's it. Not as convenient to handle but
> >:>the result is the same.
> >:
> >:You've checked the warming curve of these blocks, then?  IAMFI.
> >
> >No, I did not. I just stuck termometer into it, and it kept below zero 
> >for one hour. Good enough for me. 
> Heh, well you can keep *your* enzymes in it if you like . . . . :)

hihi. actually, it works well. The blocks stays at -20 for at least 15
minutes, after that the temp slowly starts to rise. 'Stratacoolers' 
can't guarantee anything betterm they just cost more. Important: the block
shouldn't touch the bench completely, I usually lifted one edge by
putting a pippette tip underneath it. This stops heat exchange with the
surfice of the bench. Try it; you will feel good.


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