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> I can't help but ask if the inclusion of 5% glycerol also improved the
> drying, and less cracking of high percentage gels... i.e., greater than
> 12-15%?    I've had little problem with fixed and gradient percentage gels
> up to about 12.5% but above that, they start cracking.

Unfortunately, I never used gels higher than 10% in the lab when I was
comparing with/without glycerol.  Interesting question though.

A neat trick I've posted here before is to add 1 M sodium acetate to a
final concentration of 10% of your bottom buffer.  It extends the
effective range of your gel.  A 10% gel run like this will approximate a
15% gel give or take a percentage point or two.  I first saw this in
Biotechniques (1989) Christy et al. Vol. 7 #7, p. 692.

Steve Dahl

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