Long PCR Primer Behavior

Raj Gupta m_ravi_gupta at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 21 23:19:24 EST 1999

Dear Mike,
Since you are using long PCR primers there can be various reasons for
them not to work like formation of Hairpins, Dimers, Cross Dimers, False
Priming etc. Its best that you test your primers with a primer design
software. I vote for Primer Premier software (www.premierbiosoft.com)and
they have a new version just released.
By the way I am also working on primer design theory, so if you will
send me your primers sequence, I can detect if there is any specific
problem with them. Also send me the target sequences and that might help
to detect further.
I hope this info helps you.
Ravi Gupta

In article <mez4-2106991508030001 at mendel.gene.cwru.edu>,
  mez4 at po.cwru.edu (Michael E. Zwick) wrote:
> Hello,
>    Does anyone have any good references for long PCR primers (roughly
> 30-35bp long) and how they behave in solution, form dimers etc.  I
> picked primers to avoid dimer behavior, but have noticed some unusual
> very repeatable with different sets of primers) in my long PCR
> I am checking my primers with some different primer picking programs,
> wonder if there is any useful info out there that might aid in
> troubleshooting some of these reactions. Thanks.
> Mike
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> Michael E. Zwick, Ph.D
> Department of Genetics, Rm. BRB 721
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Raj Gupta

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