Protocol for GFP compatible BrdU staining?

Nick ihanvan at
Mon Jun 21 22:54:02 EST 1999

Try Holm et al. in Cytometry 32:28-36 (1998)

It describes a method for using BrdU with paraformaldehyde/NP40 for
simultaneous analysis of: BrdU uptake, cell surface markers and ploidy.

May be what you are after.

Nick van Holst
Research Assistant

Christian Zuppinger wrote in message
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>Does anybody have a GFP compatible BrdU staining protocol?
>The BrdU kit, available from Roche diagnostics (Boehringer Mannheim),
>uses an ethanol-glycin buffer (pH 2)
>which destroys the fluoreszence of GFP. Does anybody have an alternative
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