Search for pT7.7 sequence

One Night molla-remove- at
Tue Jun 22 03:18:30 EST 1999

my problem is very simple: I want
take a look at the sequence of pT7.7 expression vector,
but I can't find it in the vector DB or in any commercial catalogue!
It is an old vector very similar to the pET9 series vector
(with Amp res Vs Kan res).
Hope someone can send me the sequence or tell me
where can I find it.

G. Molla
molla-remove- at

Dip. Biol. Strutturale e Funzionale              Tel. 0332 - 241505
Università degli Studi dell'Insubria             Fax. 0332 - 241500
via J.H. Dunant, 3 - 21100 VARESE (Italy)

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