Recommendations for cheaper "stratacooler" benchtop coolers?

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>I am telling you result of an experiment. You dennounce the result and
>it's implication based on your beliefs.

No need to get nasty.

OK, you told me that a block from the freezer stayed at below 0 degrees
Celsius for 1 hour.  That is not sufficient data for me to trust my
enzymes to this method.

For example, what is "below 0 degress"?  Minus 1?  Minus 20?  This is
critical data for a whole bunch of enzymes (excepting Taq, of course (-: )

>1. Trust the result, and take note of it. 

Well, see the point above.

>2. Point out that the conditions of the experiment were inappropriate
>    (this would require elaborating, obviously). 

And if you want real pernickety-ness, then what was the size of the block,
what was its composition, how many and what size holes did it have?  These
will all have an effect on the thermal properties.

>3. Point out that the conclusions drawn were inappropriate
>    (this would require elaborating, too). 

If you were to tell me that you had used a 10 x 5 cm aluminium block, from
-20, and that you had tested your enzymes after an hour on the bench and
found no loss of activity then I would be more inclined to accept this
method :->

>4. Attempt to reproduce the experiment and report the results. 

I could probably do you a temperature curve, seeing as I have a
thermometer which can measure below zero, so I might.  If I do, I will

In the meantime, I use enzymes either directly from the freezer or (if I
have to set up a lot from the same tube [without making a premix]) I use
the proprietary bench-top cooler that lives in my freezer . . . :)

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