site directed mutagenesis

Rich Dudley rdudley+ at
Tue Jun 22 07:14:55 EST 1999

Fiers-Vercruysse wrote:

> I am willing to do a site directed mutagenesis in the short future. Can
> anybody tell me (from experience) what kits are good (=fast, reliable and
> easy)? I would want to do several mutations at once (hoping to do four at
> once, if possible).

For several mutations, you can either do a more complicated protocol once, or
do an easy one several times.  I have tried it both ways with Promega's
Altered Sites kit (the more complicated way), and Stratagene's QuickChange
kit (the easier way).  We made 9 simultaneous mutations with the Altered
Sites kit, the protocol is easy and straightforward, but takes several days.
I would be tempted to try Promega's Gene Editor if I were to do this again.

Good luck!


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