Long shot...: internal PCR standard for melon

moez torki torki at NOCS.TSUKUBA-NOC.AFFRC.GO.JP
Tue Jun 22 17:44:17 EST 1999

>Subject: internal standard for RT-PCR in plant
>Date: Mon, 21 Jun 1999 11:25:07 GMT
>Hi all,
>I'm interested in RT-PCR for gene expression studies. It would be
>appreciated if you could recommend some gene(s) or any sequence suitable
>as a internal control for arabidopsis thaliana.

Hi all,
I'm interested in the same matter but to use it for melon PCR
investigation. I know that *very* few of you may perform molecular research
on this truck, but maybe somone has an idea of a conserved constituve gene
in cucurbits or whathever that could help.

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