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> Hi folks!
> First of all, I have to once again post a message, which has been posted
> quite often in the meanwhile, but never has been answered satisfactory:
> Our department is about to buy a CCD-camera for our microscope (phase
> contrast, gfp, etc.,etc...the usual stuff). First I´d like to know about
> your experiences: which camera can you recommend?
> And second: which software is the best to use, and which of these is
> compatable with typical programs like photoshop or corel?
> I have made the experience that the possibility to save your
> photographed cells in, say, TIFF-format, does not guarantee no loss of
> quality if you open it with another program....
We are using two systems currently, one with a Dage DC330 3-chip analogue
colour camera for sensitivity in fluourescence; and one with a Coolsnap
digital camera which gives 1300X1000 pixels at 24bit colour, for darkfield
on a dissecting scope. both systems go into B&W G3 Macs with PCI cards,
the Dage into a Snapper 24 framegrabber and the Coolsnap into a
proprietary board. The systems were supplied by improvision and we are
running their Openlab software which gives control of the camera as well
as frame grabbing etc. Files can be saved as TIFF to port into photoshop,
we have not noticed any loss of quality. To contact them try or in Germany ring 0049 6221 825 750.

It is also possible to run framegrabbing through the public domain plug in
to photoshop if you can get the signal into a computer through a card or
inbuilt video port. I looked into this but got much more functionality
with openlab for not much more money.


Peter Ashby
Wellcome Trust Building
University of Dundee
Dundee, Scotland
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