Needed: Vector for C-terminal GST fusion expression in E. coli.

Tim Szeto tim at
Wed Jun 23 09:44:29 EST 1999

I am trying to find a vector (to be transformed into E. coli) that
permits expression of my small protein with a C-terminal GST in order to
perform pulldown assays. It has to be a C-terminal GST fusion since we
hypothesise that the protein interacts via the N-terminal residues. I
would also like to be able to purify my protein so it has to incorporate
a thrombin/factor Xa cleavage site N-terminal of the GST.

Most vectors I have come across (e.g. pGEX family) only allow an
N-terminal GST. Others like pGFLEX allow a C-terminal GST, but lack a
cleavage site for later isolation.

Any suggestions, any leads, anyone?

Please reply by e-mail.


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