Recommendations for cheaper "stratacooler" benchtop coolers?

JohnB jblinco at
Thu Jun 24 05:16:00 EST 1999

	Has anyone out there tried the bench top cooler from SSI??? It appears
to be much cheaper than the rest and still claims to keep from -20 to 0
for 5 hrs...   (about $120 australian (20 tubes) compared to nalgene's
$170 odd for 15 tube capacity)

	As for the comment that someone made about using Nalgene's 'mr frosty'
box (5100 i think) it is only marginally cheaper than their dedicated
benchtop coolers, so i wonder what benefit was achieved by using it ???
(i dont have the originators email anymore)

	And what about an idea that uses one of those freezer gell packs to
keep an Al block cold ??? and then put the whole lot in a styrene box...
the block should conduct the cold (yes i know, conduct heat !) from the
gel pack and therefore stay cold for a long time ?

My 3 cents...

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