Marking the position in cell culture dish

Dooyeon Kim dykim at
Thu Jun 24 21:23:15 EST 1999

Hi, I have difficulties in finding a specific position in my cell culture dishes.

I've been cultureing the rat striatal neuronal cells and now I plan to immunostain

the cells with NF-kB antibody. The problem is I want to double-stain the cells with

NADH-d NBT. This stain was not compatible with immunostaining(it quenches the rhodamine

and FITC fluorescence). 

So, I immunostained the cells with rhodamine labeled anti-NF-kB, photographed 

the cells, and then staining the cells with NADPH+NBT. But I could not find the

same position I photographed. I heard some uses the "Camera lucida" skill(drawing

the cell position and find it afterwise) but it was too laborious for this situation.

Does anyone knows the way to notify a specific position on the cell culture dishes

after photography? Is there any company who sells microscopically labeled culture dishes?

Please e-mail me if you  have any idea or information for solving this problem.

Please help me. Any suggestions or comments about this situation will be greatly




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