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> Hi,
> Anyone know of an online "Sonication Primer" to get me up to speed?
> Specifically what I'm trying to learn is:
> 1. What are typical power settings(in watts, not %) and some typical
> protocols for E. coli lysis.

The maximum for your sonicator tip. r.t.f.m.

> 2. 
don't know.

> 3. Effective(and quick) ways to determine the extent of cell lysis.

Judging by eye: The suspension starts out looking opalescent or "shiny",
sort of like melted ice cream. After successful sonication it looks like
dirty dishwater.
More quantitative test: Take a bit of the starting material and centrifuge
30--60 seconds in a microcentrifuge. Take samples after sonication and
similarly centrifuge. The pellet should be much smaller, almost gone,
after successful sonication.

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