Southern hybridization

inderpal singh ips98 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jun 28 12:43:26 EST 1999

Dear Sharifa,
     Probably yes if you have not tried to overexpose the gel with ultra 
intensifying screens on both the sides of the cassette. BTW how are you 
performing your Southern? I ask this because doing Southern involves a lot 
of steps and anything might go wrong giving negetive results. Check each 
step and each solution you use and tell me.
All the best.
Bye for now.

>From: shahrul at PORIM.GOV.MY ("Dr.Sh.Shahrul Rabiah")
>To: methods at
>Subject: Southern hybridization
>Date: 24 Jun 1999 02:36:21 -0700
>My Southern is not working. No signals at all. Would a low abundance
>gene result in this. Help!!

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