Any comments from Visible Genetics OpenGene system users?

John Barlow john_q_barlow at
Tue Jun 29 18:27:54 EST 1999

I posted twice messages inviting comments from users
of DNA sequencers made by Visible Genetics, Inc. (Visgen).
They make MicroGene Blaster, MicroGene Clipper, and the Long-Read Tower
automatic DNA sequencers.

So far, I received only negative comments from users of these machines
or from people that saw a demo.  The only (biased) positive comments
were from Visible Genetics salespeople or from people that have
a financial stake in this company.  It seems to be very active
in the venture capital and stock market.

As these opinions may be biased, I would appreciate comments from
people that have not seen my previous postings.  We are frequently
asked for advise on what DNA sequencing to purchase and would like
to have as many comments as possible.

So far, the most popular choices of my responders were:
1. ABI 377 with the XL upgrade
2. ABI 310
3. LiCor
4. Beckman CQ 2000

Personally, I think that in about a year or so the Beckman
CQ 2000 system will mature and may go to position 2 or 1.
It seems that there are very few users of the LiCor system that
bothered to answer my question.  They seem to be quite satisfied.

Thanks in advance,

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