submitting a paper to TTO?

alex dobrovic adobrovic at
Tue Jun 29 23:05:06 EST 1999

Would anyone care to comment on submitting techniques to Technical Tips
Online versus Biotechniques etc.
Is this considered as a real journal by funding agencies? Does it have an
impact factor?

>>Do you have any clever technical tips or short-cuts for use in
>>the lab? Would you like to share them with over 400,000
>>researchers from around the world?
>>If so, why not send them to Technical Tips Online, the free and
>>unique molecular-biology techniques resource from Elsevier
>>Trends Journals (
>>Technical Tips Online publishes short techniques papers
>>describing novel methods or significant improvements to existing
>>methods in any aspect of molecular biology. All articles are
>>Whether your method involves visualizing, purifying, detecting,
>>fractionating, assaying or computing, communicate it in a unique
>>electronic environment. You can also comment on existing
>>articles and access a range of product and company information.
>>Full instructions to authors are available on the Technical Tips
>>Online site at
>>Check out Technical Tips Online today and send your tips and
>>comments to:
>>Dr David H Hatton
>>Technical Tips Online, Elsevier Trends Division
>>68 Hills Road
>>UK  CB2 1LA
>>Email: TTO at
>>We look forward to receiving your contributions.

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