Boosting protein expression in mammalian cells ?

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> > >> Rumours around this lab have it that there is a drug out there, which
> > >> may enhance the yield of transient heterologue protein expression in
> > >> mammalian cells, e.g. CHO cells ?

> > It is sodium butyrate.

> > However, if memory serves, I thought sodium butaryate only works with SV40
> > based promoters as described in the paper.
> I'm thinking of a paper by F. Cabral (senior author), two or three years
> ago, in J. Cell. Biol (I think, or maybe MCB). They were overexpressing
> alpha-tubulin in transfected CHO cells and boosting the expression with
> sodium butyrate. I _think_ they were using the CMV promoter, but I would
> have to look it up, and a lot of my stuff is still in boxes because I
> just moved.

There's a lot of cross-talk between SV40 and CMV promoters (I am not
sure of the actual mechanism) so much so that one will suppress the
other if you try and use vectors with each of them on it.  I wouldn't
surprise me if butyrate works on both.  The RSV promoter acts
independently of both CMV and SV40 so butyrate may not work there.


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