immuno on mouse tissue

Jarkko Kortesmaa look at signature.below
Wed Mar 3 11:06:52 EST 1999

Henk Veldman wrote in message <36CD5766.4E52 at lab.azu.nl>...
>Menno de Winther wrote:
>> I am trying to stain mouse tissues with a mouse primary. Does anybody
>> have any experience with blocking in this kind of situations. I get some
>> background on macropohages and liver endothelial cells and these are
>> exactly the cells I am interested in.
>> Any suggestions???

I asked the same question a while ago. I tried "blocking" with unlabeled
secondary, (rabbit anti-mouse IgG) and it helped a bit.

There is also a kit for this called "Histomouse" or something, but I haven't
tried it. (Sorry, do not remember who makes it either.)

Good luck!

Jarkko Kortesmaa

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