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>Hi all!
>We have problems to precipitate small amounts of RNA (invisible
>pellets got lost sometimes). Any hint for a nice coprecipitant would
>be appreciated. By the way, at which point will I get rid of the
>precipitant (70% EtOH whash?) again?
>Thanks for your help!

Depends on what you want to do with the RNA.  For most things, 10µg of
yeast tRNA makes a nice big pellet.  Where other RNAs might interfere,
I prefer glycogen.  I have also tried linear polyacrylamide, ala a
recipe I found here around two years ago.  It also works well, but
requires an effort to make it up.  None of these will be removed in
the wash as far as I know, so you pretty much have to chose a carrier
that won't interfere with downstream applications.

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