coprecipitant for RNA

Ralf Sigmund ralf.sigmund at mpihan.mpg.de
Wed Mar 3 06:55:28 EST 1999

Georg Kroeger schrieb in Nachricht
<36dce5ad.1321790 at news.zfn.uni-bremen.de>...
>Hi all!
>We have problems to precipitate small amounts of RNA (invisible
>pellets got lost sometimes). Any hint for a nice coprecipitant would
>be appreciated. By the way, at which point will I get rid of the
>precipitant (70% EtOH whash?) again?

You might consider Pellet Paint (Novagen) also.
It is a synhetic fluorescent dye, works very well for RNA precipitations (we
use it for RPAs, RTs etc.)
As Pellet Paint is a synthetic reagent you are less likely to run into
contamination problems.
Fluorescent Sequencing (ABI) does not work with the (fluorescent) Pellet
There is no way to get rid of it !
The only way to get rid of glycogen might be to digest it, but who would
risk this (enzymes tend to be contaminated with Nucleases).

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