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"berg" <b.j.vanbergenhenegouwen at pharm.uu.nl> wrote:

>Hi there, I have a question.
>Does somebody have a WORKING  protocol for mammalian expression cloning of
>cDNA libraries into COS or other mammalian cells?
>if you do, which vector and which COS (or other cellsystem) did you use and
>what was the result?
>Or maybe can you direct me to a company which sell kits for this kind of

Invitrogen sells cDNA libraries (supposedly full length, checked a
couple of 5' ends - were fine) in SV40-ori containing vector. This
should work in Cos cells if you do not plan LONG (>6 d) selection.
Otherwise, run-away replication of plasmids will kill the cell. 

Stratagene - as far as I recall - has libraries in a vector with EBV
ori-P, which should not have these problems. However, you should find
a cell line which expresses EBNA to support the replicastion
(actually, if you DO find such human cells, I will appreciate a

Several other companies were rumored to have similar libraries.

No affiliation with any of the above....

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