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Bernard P. Murray, PhD bpmurray*STUFFER* at socrates.ucsf.edu
Thu Mar 4 17:24:54 EST 1999

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> Hi,
>       I've recently come across some problems in using the Dual
> Luciferase Reporter system (Promega) as well as the cDNA synthesis kit
> from Boehringer. I've sent five or six email to their technical support
> but get no feedback at all. Could anyone tell me if this just happened
> to me or these two companies just don't provide any technical support to
> their customer..??
> Thanks in advance.
> Regards,
> John Lum

The best thing I've found with Promega is to contact your
local representative (in person or by telephone).  When
I pointed out I had a genuine problem they were quick to
direct me to the appropriate technical support people
who were very knowledgable and helpful.
     I'm sure the same thing goes for all reputable
companies (or they wouldn't be alive today).  Its a
big help having product shows and visits from reps
so that you can hassle/remind them in person.  If you
don't have that option a telephone call usually gets
better results in these days of email-overload and
too-easy-to-use technical support web pages
(is it *really* such a short time ago that having an
e-mail address was a rare thing?!).
     Persist, and if they genuinely blow you away
then let us know.
Bernard P. Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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