Laminar Flow hoods

M. Johan Broekman hanbroekman at csi.com
Thu Mar 4 20:49:14 EST 1999

We use 70% EtOH or isopropanol for decontaminating the surfaces.  Of course
this assumes that the surfaces are already rather clean.  By precipitating
protein, 90+% EtOH will just supply a good medium for bugs to grow on.  We
also use UV light for ~15 min before using the hood.  All materials going
into the hood need to be at least very clean, if not sterile.  Our single
instance of mysterious contamination turned out to be due to bottles having
been warmed up in a waterbath full of bugs, and just wiping the bottle
didn't clean it.  Regularly clean such a waterbath, and hang a piece of
copper wire in it (expensive incubators have copperclad walls, not only for
temp equilibration, but also against growth)

Hope this helps,
Han Broekman

Robert Hayes wrote:

> Hi,
> We're new to tissue culture, and we've been having some problems
> decontaminating our laminar flow hood. Is washing with alcohol or bleach
> the most efficient way to get rid of bacteria, fungus and their friends,
> or is there some commercially available spray that's more efficient?
> Thanks
> Rob

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