precipitating proteins w/ ethanol

Jee-Yeong Jeong jeong at biochem.purdue.edu
Fri Mar 5 10:52:57 EST 1999

Hi. The EtOH ppt is of course a good choice, but it is sometimes
inconvenient; for example, if you have 0.8ml of sample in 1.5ml tube, you
need to transfer the sample to a larger tube to add 2-3 Vol of EtOH. In this
case I usually use the TCA precipitation followed by acetone washing. This
might be a classical method for protein ppt before SDS-PAGE, but it worked
well always. If you need detailed information let me know.

Katherine Walstrom wrote:

> I have some dilute protein samples that I need to concentrate and run on
> an SDS-PAGE gel.  I can't find a detailed protocol for precipitating
> proteins, although what I've read suggests that ethanol works well.  I
> want to precipitate all the proteins, not just selectively precipitate
> some of them.  Does anyone have a general protocol for this?
> Thanks much.
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