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>I have some dilute protein samples that I need to concentrate and run on
>an SDS-PAGE gel.  I can't find a detailed protocol for precipitating
>proteins, although what I've read suggests that ethanol works well.  I
>want to precipitate all the proteins, not just selectively precipitate
>some of them.  Does anyone have a general protocol for this?


we used to just add 2 - 3 vols of EtOH at -20C, mix well, then place on
dry ice or in the -80 freezer until solid.  Thaw to liquidity, and spin
down hard (depending on volume - 15 mins in a microfuge if in epps, 15
mins as hard as you can in Corex tubes for larger volumes) in a chilled
'fuge (microfuge in cold room was fine).

Depending on the salt concentration you may be better off trying to
lyophilize (is that a verb?) the samples.



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