DNA isolation from agarose gels

laurent houzet lhouzet at alize.ulb.ac.be
Sat Mar 6 10:22:37 EST 1999

There is a verry good and simple protocol described in methods in molecular and
cellular biology 3:190-192 (1992); it requires some phenol only...and it works
verry well...

with pleasure,

Sean Fitzsimmons wrote:

> What is the simplest and most efficient method for recovering restriction
> fragments from agarose gels.  I am trying to recover PCR product whose ends
> have been digested with restriction enzymes from HMP agarose.  The gels have
> loads of product, but recovery of approximately 5% seems to be the norm.
> I've tried Wizard PCR preps, Quiex II, and electroelution, all with very
> dissappointing yields.  Any suggestions of simple, high-yield protocols?
> Thanks in advance.
> Sean Fitzsimmons

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