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Malay curiouser at ccmb.ap.nic.in
Tue Mar 9 13:12:38 EST 1999

>:Can someone tell me what the difference is between a mM unit and a mmol?
>:How do you calculate mol?
>:Neal Melvin

>I too have very basic question:
>How on earth was it possible to finish high school, much less
>graduate from medical school without learning such basic things
>like measures of quantity and concentration? In my humble opinion,
>the lack of such understanding would unquestionably negate
>any meaningful undestanding of most everything in pharmacology
>and _a lot_ in many other areas of biology and medicine...
>        - Dima

Your question too is very basic Dima! But not knowing some basic stuff is
not a sin! It's a crime when you don't want to "know" such things. Even
person like us don't know the answers for some "basic question" and resort
to hand-waiving when asked about it! May be, who knows, someday we will come
to know the answers to "these basic questions" by discussing some "other
type of basic question" like what Melvin asked. And in my opinion a
discussion group like this should be the platform to discuss "anything";
"basic" and "acidic"!

Using poet's words-

Catch the witness, catch the wit-
Catch the spirit, catch the spit!


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