Laminar Flow hoods

Dima Klenchin klenchin at REMOVE_TO_REPLY.facstaff.wisc.edu
Tue Mar 9 10:44:06 EST 1999

In article <36E29465.44DA4AB at icr.ac.uk>, paraic at icr.ac.uk wrote:
>We routinely use either 70% ethanol or 80% isopropanol, but following a
>contamination incident we use a commercially available spray called
>Barrycidal 36. It's effective against bacteria, fungi, spores and some
>viruses including HIV and Hepatitis B, while being
>non-toxic/non-irritant to humans. Its not widely available but it can be
>obtained from Heraeus Intruments and their agents (no connection).

So, what is it chemically then? I have hard time imagining anything 
that would be effective against bacteria, fungi and spores yet
not being toxic to humans (unless it is ethanol :-)). 

        - Dima

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