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Tue Mar 9 09:45:39 EST 1999

Alkami Biosystems will be discussing free on-line PCR primer tools in
the April Concise PCR Reviews.

If you have a favorite primer tool or have comments about others that
you have used on-line, feel free to contribute your opinions to
editor at

Please let us know if you'd like to be quoted or to remain anonymous.
The deadline for this issue is Friday, March 26th.

The current list of primer tool links that we have at includes:

                     * NetPrimer 
                     * Oligos-U-Like 
                     * Primer Design 
                     * Primer3 
                     * Primers! 
                     * Primers! Lite 
                     * Primer Selection 
                     * Project DOPE 2 
                     * STS Pipeline v1.2 
                     * The Primer Generator 
                     * Web Primer (Stanford) 
                     * Web Primers 
                     * WWW GeneFisher 
                     * xprimer 

Thanks for your interest.
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