Laminar Flow hoods

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> :> I have hard time imagining anything 
> :> that would be effective against bacteria, fungi and spores yet
> :> not being toxic to humans (unless it is ethanol :-)). 
> :
> :And ethanol is not all that great a Bacteriocide.  In order to get good
> :sterility, one must soak in it for more than ~10 min.  This is according
> :to our Animal Facilities peaple.
> :
> Sure. 10 min might be an overkill, but at least it does work on all of 
> them!

I thought they were extreme too but they are god in our world and probably
yours as well.  We would be dead in the water if they say we can not have
animals.  Recently they came to inspect all our labs and issued COMMANDS
on what we need to do.  In New Mexico we just used to use a little Lysol
and that was it....Those were the days


" Don't you eat that yellow snow
     Watch out where the huskies go"

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