Laminar Flow hoods

D. KIM dkim at NMSU.Edu
Tue Mar 9 16:45:56 EST 1999

Sorry, I am confused.

Why is it necessary to so completely sterilize the laminar flow hood?  Is
the air grating at the back of the hood releasing microbes into tissue
culture vessels?

The object may not be to *kill* all organisms in the hood, but simply to
remove them until they are no longer a significant source of
contamination.  The measures described seem to be overkill, considering
that a very non-sterile pair of hands will be entering the hoodspace
during work.

Do not place so much faith in the sterility of your hood.  There is no
substitute for good sterile technique.  This includes keeping your "open
plate" time short, minimize movement and hand-passing over your workspace,
and good organization of work and materials.

If your technique is good, most routine cell culture techniques can be
successfully done on the bench (but I would not recommend going this far,
if you have a hood available).

Daniel Kim

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